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Posted in Lots of trouble using LESS in a paid theme.

Just to update everyone, I have had so much trouble using LESS I have decided to scrap everything and use something SASS based instead.

Posted in Lots of trouble using LESS in a paid theme.

" you'll want to put that require at the top" - I have no idea what that means. Screenshot of current situation. Maybe you can refer to line numbers?

The only section that contains that is in the navbar.less file:

.navbar-profile-avatar {
position: relative;
top: -1px;

width: 30px;
margin-right: .65em;
border: 2px solid @navbar-admin-link-color;

.border-top-radius (3px);
.border-bottom-radius (3px);

I'm still getting ".border-top-radius is undefined" - Any idea what the syntax would be for me to just define it somewhere? Site has been down for 2 days because of this. Driving me insane! Thanks Chris!! Current screenshot:

Posted in Lots of trouble using LESS in a paid theme.

I have a paid theme from Themeforest that uses LESS. It sucks, but I didn;t notice at the time. I am using the less-rails gem and things were going OK. I am now trying to put together an admin section and things are breaking down. Basically, if I @import files in application.css.less, I get the traditional red rails error screen Less Error "unrecognised input" - If I don't, I get rails red error screen LessParse Error ".border-top-radius is undefined" - Ive tried defining it myself in a stylesheet and it still blows up on me.

Screenshot, if it helps:

EDIT: I Was missing a semicolon at the last @import. Now I am getting "No matching definition was found for .border-top-radius(3px)" constantly.
I am now 2 days behind because Ive been battling this. I am so stumped. Also, I have never understood why the "require tree" line always works in application.css even though it is commented out - that whole section is a mystery to me.

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