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are there any differences using it with turbo js now?

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it was really painful to add the current_user (if you want to have edit and delete only for the person who created that comment) to this since device's current_user method it not working with hotwire. I had to add a lot of passing of the current_user to make it work.

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what is your item? do you want the current_user?

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Something else I was wondering if the format.html redirect @commentable lines are necessary. I deleted them all, because they had an error in my case and it didn't anything.


I found this nice multiple nested dropdown: https://vue-treeselect.js.org/ which allows to select in tree like structure and I would like to use it for categories.

I want to select
several categories at once, maybe two different paths in the tree even and I want to be able to select only a parent category as well.

Since I like it's layout I was wondering if it is possible to integrate it into in rails app. Has anyone ever tried something like this and could guide me into the wrong direction?

If it is not possible I would like to now if anyone is aware of a suitable alternative. I have spent quite some time for searching something like this and it was by far the nicest imo.

Thanks! Felix

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Hey cool session! everything worked out nice except when having to use my comments within a namespace.

I fixed it with a custom record helper method like so:

def model_scope_for_path(commentable, comment)
    return [comment] if params[:action] == 'edit'

    if commentable.instance_of?(Session.new.class)
      [:backend, commentable, comment].compact
      [commentable, comment].compact

I think it is a little bit ugly, what do you think? Is there a better way to taggle it? I was also wondering why we have to use 3 different controllers and if this could be even simplified.

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cool stuff, this is the reason why blazor framework is such a hype in c# world right now, it allow you to the same stuff :) I worked a little bit with it and I am hyped to see that the same is there for rails


I am planing a little page where we want to post zoom sessions and give the opportunity to watch them afterwards.
In the beginning we might 5-20 people watching and long term plans are to build courses from sessions etc.
I think each session will have between 200 mb and 1gb.

I thought about going for something like vimeo with plyr video player. Starter would be about 6 Euro per month which seems fair imo.

I was interested if there are any downsides for using vimeo or maybe even different better options? like aws or carriervave along with page hosting? Is there good video player integration with good streaming possible? Also when it comes to hosting the page which costs for the server should I calculate in the beginning? Any advice regarding this?

Right now I just worked on a couple of rails projects but never really hosted for myself, so I am rather new to this.

Thanks for any advice and guidance :)

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