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Posted in Host PHP without breaking Hatchbox?

So looks like somehow Apache2 was running:

Aug 20 19:12:51 vultr.guest nginx[697]: nginx: [emerg] bind() to [::]:80 failed (98: Address already in use)

Running 'sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 stop' and then 'sudo service nginx start' and we are back up!

I'll stop Apache from starting. :-)

Posted in Host PHP without breaking Hatchbox?

Hi Chris,

I think something went haywire :-)

I'm now seeing the "Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page".

Maybe enabling PHP also installed Apache! :-)

I restored from a VULTR backup from yesterday, but still borked.

I'll see if I can figure it out :-)


For anyone surfacing this question in a Google Search:

I solved it by checking my ~/.ssh/authorized_keys files!

Make sure your keys are added to that file!

You'll need to do it manually as you cant login with a password and execute ssh-copy-id!

Posted in Host PHP without breaking Hatchbox?

Thats Great!

Thanks Chris!

I have it serving Jekyll apps perfectly, but wasnt sure about PHP.

I wanted to check as DevOps isnt my thing generally! :-)

Posted in Host PHP without breaking Hatchbox?


I have a couple of small PHP scripts I want to host on my Hatchbox / Vultr / Ubuntu server.

Whats the best way to do that without screwing up Hatchbox?


Same issue!

I'm trying to add a second key! I can see the key is added to the .ssh/authorized_keys files along with the default Hatchbox key and my other key.

But I'm trying to login from a second device, and am getting the "Permission denied (publickey)." issue!

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