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Posted in Stimuls Reflex

Hello Chris,

I am trying to do the calculation of a multiplication inside a div, the calculation comes from the values that enter in 3 inputs that are inside a Rails form, I want to do this using Stimulus Reflex but I have not succeeded, some clue?

Thanks a lot.

Posted in Pagy Frontend Extra MAterialize

Hi Chris,

I followed your toturial of pagination with Pagy gem, all is fine until when I add the extra frontend materialize. I did this:

  1. Create a pagy.rb file into config/initializers folder
  2. Add this line require 'pagy/extras/materialize' in pagy.rb
  3. In my view use <%= pagy_materialize_nav(@pagy).html_safe %>

when I restart rails server, get this error:
`require': cannot load such file -- pagy/extras/materialize (LoadError)

What can I do to solve it?


thanks Chris :)

I trying to upload files with Carrierwave in my Rails app, files could be jpg, png, pdf or docx. Files jpg and png upload fine but pdf or docx don't, i get the error "...Minimagick, maybe it is not an image?", i read many forums and they say the error could be about the Carrierwave versions.

I  need to validate in the uploader that create version only when the file is an image jpg or png.


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