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Found the issue. The options passed should be an empty object. Nil will return an error so finally:

<%= form.collection_select :product_type, Product.product_types.keys, :to_s, :titlecase, {}, data: { action: "change->forms#handleChange" } %>

I found this issue on SO which pretty much is my issue:

But I can't make that solution work.

In my _form partial I have something like:

<div data-controller="forms">  
    <div class="form-group">
      <%= form.label :product_type %>
      <%= form.collection_select :product_type, Product.product_types.keys, :to_s, :titlecase, data: {action: "change->forms#handleChange"} %>

And in my Forms Stimulus Controller I have:

export default class extends Controller {
  initialize() {
    console.log("Stimulus at your service!")

  connect() {
    console.log("connected to forms controller");

  handleChange() {
    console.log("the dropdown changed");

The initiliaze and connect logs work fine. I get nothing when I change the values of the dropdown though.

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