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Hey Chris, thanks for the awesome video; however, I wonder how would you still use Pundit's provided helpers in an Angular raw html view?

For example, as you've explained in the video, you can use:
<% if policy(MyClass).new? %>
Do you know how I can leverage Pundit's helpers in a non erb view?


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I believe there is a gem that does that for you; however, I find it much simpler just to export the environment variables I need into my shell's rc (.bashrc or .bash_profile if you're using bash) then just refer to them in my database.yml and secrets.yml. Hope this helps.

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Try creating /home/deploy/deploy_test/shared/config/database.yml file on your VPS and fill it with you database configurations.

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Its one of two things:
1- You have not specified your git repository correctly in capistrano's deploy.rb
2- You didn't add your VPS ssh public key to your github key chain for passwordless deployment

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