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Hi Chris, my theme seems to have ordered things by library/vendor (like one folder per vendor, containing each their own dist, src, gulp files) and my compiled html pages from the theme refer sometimes to their .js or their css files (the compiled ones, aka from their "dist" folders).

Where would you recommend putting the vendor folder containing all those vendors folders then?
Shall I put it under "public", "lib" or "vendor" folder within my app, to be directly called in my .html.erb files when needed?

Thanks a lot for your help as always

Hey Chris, thanks so much for this one.
Just wondering if you have some explanation on how to switch:

  • from the current system (the user needs to click on the bell to go to /notifications and see the notifications)
  • to a fully real time system (the current page dynamically notices the new notif coming in and adding a red icon on the bell, and when clicking on the bell the notifications show as kind of a menu, not opening a complete new page)

Thanks a lot

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