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Hey Chris, this is great, thank you!

One quick question - in my <head> tag, I have a lot of code and multiple renders. I'm not sure where to put the canonical and amphtml links, since I have no _head partial. Is there a general rule for where this should be going?

I cannot for the life of me figure this out. I'm using the Algolia search API along with the Algolia gem, but I didn't set it up in the app I'm working on. The Algolia search is attached to my Projects resource and I've created a new resource for the wizard via the wicked gem called Findhomes. Do I need to need to connect these resources somehow? Or can I just pass the data per attribute from the Findhome form and allocate them to the filters in the Projects resource on the Projects index page? I feel like I'm way out of my depth on this one and there aren't any senior devs on my team that can help me out at the moment!

EDIT: Apologies for the lack of code - I wasn't sure what was relevant, so I didn't pile a bunch of unnecessary code into the question. Happy to provide any code upon request.

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Has anyone else had any issue with their form not submitting? When Chris gets to creating a new post, for me it just stays on the form partial when I click submit. It's behaving as if the submit href is set to '#'. It was working fine before adding in all the pundit functionality.