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Instead of rendering 3 separate pages for a new event form, showing events, and finally the index page, I wanted to do all of that plus display the monthly calendar all in one page. That way when I created a new event it would update everything on one click.

Haha, for my first deep foray into javascript maybe I bit off more than I could chew?

Thanks in advance! I built an app combining 2 of your episodes (multitenancy from scratch & simple_calendar) to also practice json. To summarize the stackoverflow post: I want to use json to update the calendar along with the index when I create a new event. Here's a link to the app (click)

Hey Chris! I've been using this gem to get a better feel for it and came across a question. I posted on stackoverflow and was wondering if you could give it a look?

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I've been busting my chops to write better code so I hope I can make a contribution soon. Thanks for leading the way!

Ok, I guess that works! So does this guys' solution below also require prepending the table like you said?


Hey Chris! I've been trying to "dumb down" service objects with a basic association between blogs and posts. I want to organize my model folder exactly how you have all of your lead related objects under the model / folder but I'm stumped. Can you point me in the right direction?