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I just stumbled on this thread - gotta say Zipline is Fantastic!
I was previously downloading all my files, zipping them and sending them back to S3. This is so much more efficient.
In my case, approx 100 photos with a zipped size of ~200MB.

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edit: specifically if you're using a broadcast callback on your model to update a frame. The broadcast doesn't 'know' about the current request.

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one 'gotcha' on this.
If you're using turbo, then rails no longer seems able to use a hash to construct the url.
you get a rendering error like:

ActionView::Template::Error: No route matches {:tag=>"one"}

I'm new to rails 6, webpack, etc
It's working for me in my app and jquery is loaded (thanks for the intro @Chris)

However - although jquery works correctly in all my loaded js, I can't use it to experiment in the chrome console.

Presumably this is because webpacker is 'being a good citizen' and not polluting the global namespace with $

however - it's really annoying not to be able to test thigns in the console without jquery. How do I override the default and just make $ global?