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Thanks a lot Chris!

learned something new today.

My last question:)
Should I create a new folder 'assets/javascript/admin' (because this is the route to the dashboard) and place/edit the administrate asset files there?

my local install of the administrate gem (/var/lib/gems/2.3.0/gems/administrate-0.8.1/lib/) will not move to production, and that is were I added the requires for trix.js and trix.scss. Wasn't this the right place to edit the files?

Great. Got it working after understanding that i had to add the js and scss to the actual gem. I have a hard time understanding javascript and the pipeline so I do have a question:

1) Why cant I add the code somewhere in the normal asset pipeline

2) How do I add the files in a production environment. Do I have to ssh into production to add the requires in both .js and sccs files inside the gem?

wow that easy! Great. Thanks!

How hard is it to add trix to a selected input-field in administrate. What should be the best approach?

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