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Found the answer. I'm running Rails 6 webpacker only, so I removed sprockets. My config/application.rb had 'require action_cable' commented out. Added that and came across another issue.

cap's deploy:assets:backup_manifest was failing because it couldn't find the assets manifest file. Since I removed sprockets it doesn't exist.

I added Rake::Task["deploy:assets:backup_manifest"].clear_actions to my config/deploy.rb and now everything works. Going to do some research to make sure I didn't stop doing something I need by calling that. Its working for now

Posted in Deploy Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa Discussion

Thanks for the tutorial. Deploys to the server fine but am getting an internal server error.

The application encountered the following error: uninitialized constant ApplicationCable::ActionCable
Did you mean? ActionMailer (NameError)

Any idea why this might be happening? I haven't touched anything with ActionCable in my app and it works great on dev.

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