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oh my zsh is great. I haven't gotten too much into vim itself as I've learned that refactoring horrible code is much easier in an actual IDE when you don't know vim too well.

As others have stated, tmux is a great tool however -- I use it religiously.

With my basic terminal looking like:

on the 2nd line, the [:0s] is how long the last command took to complete.

Then my tmux with vim

where my tmux uses powerline, and my vim also uses powerline for a pretty cool look and a visual way for me to see what mode i'm in, as well as what branch i'm in as well.

And if anyone wants the tm script I have it's on a gist here: https://gist.github.com/ch0...

where in you would type:
tm and be presented with a prompt to select either "1" or "2" for your default prompt ( which in mine is zsh but named bash in the prompt ) then once you have initiated a tmux session "1" becomes that session, and goes on for as many sessions/apps as you've created allowing you to quickly dismiss an entire app and pull up a new one and pickup right where you left off.

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