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You the man Oliver! I got my whenever up (think I have syntax correct) and also my rake task set up.

I'm having a brain fart on how to grab that data it retrieved in that task and place it in one of my controllers which eventually will be used in its view.

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Ah Awesome okay. This is actually for when clicking on a link in my navbar. It delays to show the visiting page because of an api call its making to and so it takes a tad before it returns the results and displaying the page.

This is why I initially wanted to add a processing indicator. BUT... to eliminate all this could I have some sort of like background job that runs once a day to get any updated data and store the results somewhere and then when I render that page I just grab those already retrieved results and display those?

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Awesome, I'll try jquery it to listen for the click on the link, when it does I would then show that div? And that div would then 'disappear' because the new page would have been rendered? Then any css I would just add it to that div class and position it relative to its parent.

I think I got that right? I'm relatively new with using jquery.

Thanks man!

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Im clicking a link in my navbar...If I wanted to get this same function but have the loading indicator display in the middle of the page instead how would I achieve this?

Could you render a partial or do

disable_with: "<div class="loading-indicator" <="" div="">" then css that class ?

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Great response thanks man I'm going to try that out!

Posted in The State_Machine Gem Discussion

This was really good I love hearing/learning/ finding out about these little things that I dont think about or know about yet being a fresh programmer. From an experienced programmer, what would maybe be a cool app to make to help with practicing this even if it was just in one ruby file.

I think coming up with a simple 'idea' or 'game' to build to practice the idea comes so hard so that would be helpfull thanks man for all your services!

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