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You should be able to do this with the Apartment gem. Check out the docs, specifically this section https://github.com/influitive/apartment#tenants-on-different-servers

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Here's another implementation that avoids excess queries and lets you use the standard update controller action. It uses the insert_at method that acts_as_list provides to move the item within the list:


# app/models/question.rb
def new_position=(position)

Make sure to add :new_position to permitted params in questions controller

# coffeescript
$(document).on 'turbolinks:load', ->
axis: 'y'
handle: '.handle'
update: (e, ui) ->
data = new FormData
data.append "question[new_position]", ui.item.index() + 1
url: "/questions/#{ui.item.data('question-id')}"
type: "PATCH"
data: data

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Looks like you also have an extra param in that send method. It doesn't need to accept the to_phone_number since you have it in your initialize method. Also, you probably need to pass to_phone_number to your default_response method.

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