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Posted in Setup MacOS 13 Ventura Discussion

To install rbenv you also need brew install openssl@1.1 readline libyaml gmp or brew install openssl@3 readline libyaml gmp. https://github.com/rbenv/ruby-build/wiki#suggested-build-environment

Posted in Hatchbox: Scaling up servers

Hi, I am currently set up as a single server on hatchbox with Rails/Puma/Postgres/Background Workers, and it is time to better handle crashes and balance the traffic, busy times are noticeably much slower for the user.

Where would be best to start? Set up a second server and set it as a load balancer? Anything else to consider? Should the second be identical in size to the first?

Thanks so much!

Posted in How do I deploy webpacker with nvm with capistrano?


Was following your tutorial for capistrano but did not see any webpacker in there :(.

Right now I am having a problem that cap seems to be finding my old node version before I installed nvm and upgraded node.

Tried using capistrano-nvm gem, and getting an error nvm: v14.2.0 is not installed or not foundnvm: v14.2.0 is not installed or not found

I can find it in cd /root/.nvm/versions/node/v14.2.0/bin.

Should I just scratch nvm and update node the old fashioned way? Kind of don't want to mess anything up on production!

Thanks so much for your amazing tutorials and this really helpful forum.

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