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Posted in Deploy rails project using subdirectories

deploy the existing project with sub-directory without any change in project routes.
For example: project should run on instead of
need to append the subfolder name before /home ..

Posted in Deploy Ruby project on Ubuntu 18.0

Now this above cap file problem has been resolved with the below commands:
group :development do
gem "capistrano", "~> 3.14", require: false ---> make it false

$ bundle install

$ bundle exec cap install

and after that edit all the capfiles as per the " "" "
Application not deployed.

Please help me to troubleshoot .

Posted in Deploy Ruby project on Ubuntu 18.0

I am referring the doc "" for deploy the project.
After running the command "cap install STAGES=production"
I got error list :
LoadError: cannot load such file -- /usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/Capfile
/usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/rake/rake_module.rb:29:in load'
/usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/rake/application.rb:703:in raw_load_rakefile'
block in load_rakefile'
/usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/rake/application.rb:186:in standard_exception_handling'
/usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/rake/application.rb:82:in block in run'
/usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/rake/application.rb:80:in run'
/usr/bin/cap:3:in `'

Please help me to resolve this issue asap as its urgent to deploy.

Posted in Seed local database

Thanks Alan

Posted in Seed local database

I am new in Ruby and i am set up the open source project on Ubuntu and stuck in some point.
$ bundle exec rails db:setup
When i execute the above command then its not running.
I was execute this in project directory not from root directory.
I found the error that no Gemfiles and /bundler direcory was found.

Please help asap.

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