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Thanks, Chris. I really enjoy Go Rails and Remote Ruby. Keep up the AWESOME work you do for the Rails community.

Posted in Sharing Personal SAAS Tools...

Hi all, Wanted to take a moment and tell you about a couple of new sites I have published (really for my own use but hope others may find them helpful) using rails with a focus on privacy. This is what I love about rails.. Each of these only took about a day to build and publish. My plan is to make the open-source once I have had more time to go through and clean the code up some.

Web Address Guru - URL Shorter that doesn't cover you with ads.

My Password Guru

I hope to publish some other tools as I need them. Hope someone will find them useful.

Thanks guys.. Got it working tonight. You were right Monroe, once you get the nested routes working the Friendly ID was a snap to implement. Am very happy with what I ended up with. Thanks again!

Example post path: /forums/site-news/july-2020-news/

Thank you Monroe!

Hi Monroe, thank you for the kind offer. if you could post here when you have time I am sure it would help others as well. Many thanks! ~Mike

I would also love to see a tutorial on nested routes AND the friendly_id gem used together. I have been struggling through it and it's driving me nuts.

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