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Thk's for this very reactive answer, but i double checked on User Model, and i'v got the mention has_many :likes, if you have a another clue, i'am in, is that line correct : <% if user_signed_in? && current_user.likes?(@pin) %>
and this in my User Model :
has_many :likes
def likes?(pin)
pin.likes.where(user_id: id).any?

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Hey Chris,

First of all, thank's for the quality of your video.

Unfortunately I'am stuck in the middle of the video, i'am facing with this error : undefined method `likes' for, it highlights

<% if user_signed_in? && current_user.likes?(@pin) %>

@pin is the name for post in my app.
def likes? is written in the User model, could you explain why ?


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