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Thank you! I double checked the config.

It turned out that the problem was not cap but my own code.

For anyone reading this if your site looks like an older version of your site, it might just be that your assets are not loading properly.

It turns out that my custom stylesheet was not actually loading, and there was an error in the precompilation of assets because of this.

One way to check for that is by (if you're using chrome) go to a page on your app, open the inspect tool (ctrl + i), go to the network tab, refresh your page. Look for any red links (stylesheets or assets that are not loading). This is a problem with your code not capistrano. The code for loading specific stylesheets was working on my local machine, but it didn't work in production. So double check that. :]

Posted in Deploy Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr Discussion

Hey, thanks a lot for this tutorial. This is one of the most comprehensive one that I've come across thus far!

I am running into some trouble however. For some reason, the app that is actually up and running on my server is an older version (from like two months ago) of my application, but the "current" version of the app is my desired up-to-date one. (I see this when I review the code in that directory.)

I've specified that the master branch should be deployed, restarted the web and app servers, precompiled assets. But, I still have this older version running.
(I am having the same problem this person had

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this may be the case?

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