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Thanks Chris!

thanks for the reply Chris Oliver!

Most of the examples I saw were using has_many relationships so I guessed I missed it.

There are examples tho that I've seen in strong params:

def forum_thread_params
params.require(:forum_thread).permit(:subject, forum_posts_attributes: [:id, :body])

is including the :id necessary?

I have tried this but seem to have a problem.

When I do:

def new
@post =

I get a undefined method 'build' for nil:class

but it will work if I do this:

def new
@post =

My models:

has_one: :content, dependent: :destroy
accepts_nested_attributes_for :content

belongs_to :post

Any ideas why?

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Thanks Chris! Look forward to using it!

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Great video! Still deciding between carrierwave and refile tho since it's still new and carrierwave's wiki is filled with howtos. Btw, I think you missed out on the uploading via url part. :)

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