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As I understand WickedPDF is exactly what you are looking for. You build your classic HTML view with all the things you need (images, links, text, styling) and Wicked builds a PDF from it. Have a look at their homepage.

Dear community,

since I'm not a good javascript programmer and new to Rails 6 (especially webpacker), I'm looking for a good framework for the whole fancy shit (Slider/Datepicker/Autocomplete/..). Until now jquery ui was my way, but with Rails 6 it doesn't feel up to date anymore.

My research led me to Angular / Angular UI, but I think that this variant is too overpowered, just like React and Node.js.

Which framework do you use or can you recommend for Rails 6?
Bonus: Currently I am using Bootstrap 4.0 as my CSS framework and I am quite happy with it. But maybe there is a good combination of Javascript & CSS framework.

I hope you can help me...good coding...Chris-P-Chicken

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