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Rails 7 rails new gives options for esbuild and tailwind 3... Use those and you'll have a working example in a few seconds. Tailwind3 purges out the box.

Tailwindcss now has purge built in (thanks @ScottKnight I'm just making your comment more visible instead of as a reply). Follow the Tailwind docs for "optimizing for production" to see if it covers what you need.

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I tried to use "Rails" in the console as this video demoed. It didn't work with the error message "Rails is not defined". There seems to be a relevant Rails issue, , in which a Rails core member commented that: "When using rails-ujs with webpack window.Rails is indeed not defined."

There is a stackoverflow question on this topic:

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2.54 "you should use url_helpers over path_helpers" - the Rails guide examples use path_helpers and url_helpers. Are they mistaken?

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I was seeing 5 minute+ delays and no shows - which is a problem for password resets! Chris has done the hard work so switching between providers isn't a chore. I'm testing another SMTP service and this is giving a better response time.