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I'm making API endpoints and I'm having trouble getting the body of the request. Here is what I have:

In my routes I have set up an endpoint in my namespace:

namespace :api, :defaults => {:format => :json}  do
    resources :mainview do
        collection do
            get 'data'

In my front end I call the /api/mainview/data endpoint and pass it in a date inside of a json:

axios.get('/api/mainview/data', {"start_date":"2020-01-01"})
    .then(response => {
    .catch(error => {
      console.log("We are getting this error:")

And then, in my /api/mainview_controller.rb file, I got

module Api
    class MainviewController < AuthenticatedController
        def data
            puts "We are in the data function"
            #I want to print the body ({"start_date":"2020-01-01"}) of the request here 

So in this case, my API call seems to work as "We are in the data function" does get printed to the terminal. However, I don't know how to get the body or data from the request. If it's a post request I know I can use request.raw_post but I don't know what to use for GET requests. Most of the answers I found online are in PHP so any help would be great!

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