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Hello everyone 👋

I'm using act as tenant gem and I want to separate notifications based on that, I am using noticed gem for notification, when I followed Chris Oliver tutorial on YouTube on how to use noticed gem, but didn't work for me.

the error I got: ( uninitialized constant PropertyNotification::Current ).

I appreciate any help with that 😊

Chris Oliver, thanks a lot.

Is it possible to use (aggregation) with rails enum?
I tried but it show nothing.

Posted in has many through with devise and subdomains.

based on what I saw and learned from that lesson, I am trying to do what you said - one account could have many users - but I don't get it right, I used - has many through, because I want any user could join two accounts at the same time - any help with this :)

thanks a lot,

Hey Chris, I'm wondering how could I set one account for more than one user (owner).

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