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Hi, Chris,

I just subscribed to GoRails. Thanks for bringing us this great site. I really enjoy watching episodes, and I believe Go Rails has the potential to become one of the major resources for learning rails.

Do you have any plan to make some episodes about BDD in rails? For me, the BDD is really a shining part of the whole rails ecosystem. I think if you have a series of BDD episodes available, it will definitely make GoRails more attractive and 'professional'. :) If you do have plan for BDD episodes, I would like to suggest to make it based on a real project. It is quite easy to find 'entry level' tutorials on BDD out there, but as far I am concerned, there is no real 'BDD' tutorial which teaches you how to use BDD to build a real project. (Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec, is a very good book, but I still like to have more videos at 'professional' and 'expert' level).

We already have a Forum Series, so I am thinking about maybe it is a good idea to have a BDD series based on the Forum Series. For example, for every feature of Forum Series, make a parallel BDD episode: for login feature in the Forum series, the BDD episode will cover model test, controller test and integration test for login feature (so you don't need to finish the whole Forum, but you can still have an episode to cover every stages of testing in rails). And then for post new thread feature, another episode of BDD.

I understand this is going to be a big job, but break it into 'relatively' small episodes based on forum features would definitely help. After finishing the forum series, we (subscribers and learners) will be able to watch how you do BDD, and each feature will give us the chance to practice.

Thanks again for your great job and keep it up! :)