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Posted in Is there some sort of reddit CSS guide?

Hello everyone,,
I learned CSS when I was younger on Neopets and remember most of it, but I don't quite know what reddit calls everything/how attributes are named. Is there some sort of guide floating around the interwebz or is it going to be a trial and error thing for me?
https://reversephonelookup.onl/ https://curated.onl/nba-reddit/ https://pcbuilder.onl/pcpartpicker/

Hello everyone,,
I'm trying to run rails app using command foreman s
https://openweb.vip/whatsapp-web/ https://19216801.onl/
the ProcFile contains these 2 lines :
web: bundle exec passenger start -p 8000 --max-pool-size 1
sneaker_data_publisher: WORKERS=DataPublisher bundle exec rake sneakers:run
The server starts fine. But it cannot execute the sneaker:run command.
16:18:01 sneaker_data_publisher.1 | rake aborted!
16:18:01 sneaker_data_publisher.1 | Don't know how to build task 'sneakers:run' (See the list of available tasks with rake --tasks)

Any help or guidance towards the same will be much appreciated

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