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Posted in Survey - adding options though nested models

Hey guys, a while ago, I tried to follow a railscast tutorial(notably on nested models where i was trying to build a survey platform where admins could log in an build survey in a very Survey Monkey manner. I'm a bit lost at how this adds questions and gets saved(I dont get how whenever I add questions, it knows where to save the data), could someone explain what actually happens? Also is there a better way to address the same issue now?

Posted in Rails Console

Hi all,

This might be a retarded question but how do I access things other than Models in rails console, such as Controller methods, engines etc.? I wouldn't mind seeing a video dedicated to console and the extent on what you can look up.


Posted in Speed up videos

Hi Chris,

Not really a rails question, but I just wanted to see if you could add a video speed feature as I can go through your tutorials at half the time.


Thanks again Chris, it's also nice to see your rapid reply to a newbie like me 😃

Great episode Chris, I'm currently trying to integrate this gem with devise but not very successful, any chance you could run through this in the near future?