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Amazing work Chris. 2021 and still found this tutorial to be of great help. Thank you.

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Just wondering if you made that video last week Chris before I jump in and tackle it? I know it'll help me a lot if you got around to explaining it in a quick video. Cheers dude.

Posted in Stripe payments course getting out of date

Yeah that’s be class. I had it working but was getting some issues with the stripe intent method when checking if the card existed for the user. A quick video would be class alright. But no worries anyway, I’m sure I’ll figure it from the master class video. Let us know if you get the screencast up anyway. Great vid to have to reference if needed.

Posted in Stripe payments course getting out of date

Oh right, class. I’ll look at this now so. Recently bought your jumpstart pro app. Amazing stuff. Just trying to get my head around the stripe payments section and have a Single purchase product for potential users so they could have an e-commerce type shop under the SAAS app you’ve built. I’ll look at the tutorial now. Class. Thanks again.

Posted in Stripe payments course getting out of date

Did this new video to include a shopping cart ever get released Chris?

Does Chirs have any tutorials on this? Essentially step by step how to let a user add their own domain name to a multitenancy app set up on Heroku? I understand there are lots is questions regarding amount of SSL certs etc that can be issued but I'd love to be able to allow users of a multi-tenancy app load their own domain into my app instead of using subdomains to the app?

I'm new to gorails but pretty much joined hoping I could find help on overcoming this problem. Can't find anything in tutorials in the way of creating this URL set up. Something similar to the Shopify approach would be great. A user can add their own domain instead of using a subdomain.

Thanks for any pointers.

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