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Also going to add that I had issues with the tooltips triggering after I left the page and came back so to help with any conflicts with Turbolinks I changed addEventLstener to:

document.addEventListener('turbolinks:load', function(event) {

Works much better now. Just in case anyone else is having that issue.

Oh Lord!! I wish this comment was pinned to the top. We're all probabaly following along with this tutorial now and using bs5. I did come across this solution after about an hour of Googling.

Then read the comments hoping I could help someone else possibly stuck with tooltip and popover not triggering. Came across this!!!

Should have read the comments first lol.

Nice work @Nick.

I just had this issue. I just presumed I needed to add my laptops ssh key to keys field in the profile serttings area but I then realised I needed to add it into the specific server SSH key field. Just double check it is in both as the second I added it to the server section it all worked fine for me.

@Chris !!!!

THANK YOU! I've been at this all day working with acts_as_tenant. Had some issue with some "undefined method `arity' " error when I added the acts_as_tenant(:account) to a model. Nothing much on the internet - but turned out it was such a simple updating of the gem to resolve it. (just in case anyone else comes across this issue like me). It's 2am here now. Tired. EEEK!

Anyway, thank you so much for explaining the final piece of the puzzle for multi-tenancy domain constraints in detail.. Appreciate it. Cannot wait to try out this with a custom domain on a live site. Going to try host the app using Hatchbox. I normally use Heroku but going to make the switch now.

Savage work dude!!

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Thanks a million for the quick reply, Chris. Legend. I'd love to see this as a screencast. Until then, I'll see what I can achieve. You make it sound easy lol but I'm sure I'm going to be scratching my head. lol. Thanks a million.

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@chrisOliver - Are there any videos on goRails that show how to route users custom domains into a row based multitenancy app? Like I'd love for them to route their A/CNAME records to my application and it will mask the account URL www.myapp/useraccount and show their own custom bought URL instead.

I see you do it in the JumpStartRails app but did you ever do a video explaining how this sort of DNS routing is accomplished? Thanks a million.

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Hey Chris/Team, Are there any videos on Gorails that shows how we can implement a custom domain feature into our multitenant app? More specifically can we do these sort of DNS changes and routing in Hatchbox? I use Heroku for apps but am ready to jump my apps over to Hatchbox as it looks and sounds much better. I'm building a multi-tenant app here and would really love to be able to mask a user's own domain in place of an account-level domain within the app. Any helps would be appreciated.
Thanks a million.

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+1 to this too <3

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Amazing work Chris. 2021 and still found this tutorial to be of great help. Thank you.

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Just wondering if you made that video last week Chris before I jump in and tackle it? I know it'll help me a lot if you got around to explaining it in a quick video. Cheers dude.

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Yeah that’s be class. I had it working but was getting some issues with the stripe intent method when checking if the card existed for the user. A quick video would be class alright. But no worries anyway, I’m sure I’ll figure it from the master class video. Let us know if you get the screencast up anyway. Great vid to have to reference if needed.

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Oh right, class. I’ll look at this now so. Recently bought your jumpstart pro app. Amazing stuff. Just trying to get my head around the stripe payments section and have a Single purchase product for potential users so they could have an e-commerce type shop under the SAAS app you’ve built. I’ll look at the tutorial now. Class. Thanks again.

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Did this new video to include a shopping cart ever get released Chris?

Does Chirs have any tutorials on this? Essentially step by step how to let a user add their own domain name to a multitenancy app set up on Heroku? I understand there are lots is questions regarding amount of SSL certs etc that can be issued but I'd love to be able to allow users of a multi-tenancy app load their own domain into my app instead of using subdomains to the app?

I'm new to gorails but pretty much joined hoping I could find help on overcoming this problem. Can't find anything in tutorials in the way of creating this URL set up. Something similar to the Shopify approach would be great. A user can add their own domain instead of using a subdomain.

Thanks for any pointers.