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Posted in How to use Action Mailbox in Rails 6 Discussion

Little late to the party, but I'll add my voice to those hoping for a full gmail action mailbox example, especially in production.

Posted in Direct File Uploads to S3: Part 2 Discussion

Thanks to a kind soul on another site, I was informed that

mount ImageUploader::UploadEndpoint => "/images/upload"

must now be changed to:

mount ImageUploader.upload_endpoint(:cache), at: "/images/upload"

Hopefully this helps others with the same issue.

Posted in Direct File Uploads to S3: Part 2 Discussion

Hey there. Running into an issue when I first fire up the rails server. An error " A rack application must be specified (ArgumentError)" pops up. I checked my routes and everything looks to be the same as in the video.

 Rails.application.routes.draw do
   mount ImageUploader::UploadEndpoint => "/images/upload"

  resources :photos

  root to: "photos#index"

Is there something else I'm missing?

Update: The issue seems to be with the way the image uploader is mounted. I remove that line and the app fires up just fine, but of course can't upload an image. Is there a better way to write this or does the issue lie with something like the shrine.rb initializer?

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