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I don't have access to the full episode, but it sounds like what you need here is the little known Ruby method String#succ. I thought I'd just put this out there ;)

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Awesome setup! Thanks for posting this. In my case, I switched to vim in January, got up to speed in two weeks. The main way I learned was having a cheat sheet with no more than 7 commands that I would revisit everytime I needed. The trick is, once you learn it, delete it from the cheat sheet and add another one. If you don't learn it after 2 weeks, delete it as well (since you won't be using it). That has worked like a charm for me.

Also, one of the main reasons to use vim is the dot ('.') command to repeat the last command. Extremely fast and useful when combined with search.

Tmux is the perfect vim companion if you use it in the terminal. Splitting panes, windows and sessions keeps everything highly organized, and you can customize it to make it behave just like vim.

All in all, so much stuff can be overwhelming. Take it easy, one step at a time, and you'll eventually get up to speed. The beauty of this is that it is so vast a topic, that you never stop learning.

@Chris I'd love to help out teaching this stuff. I have it fresh on my mind, since I'm a beginner as well. Feel free to PM :)

Hey Chris! I'm really excited for the Rails from Scratch series. If you can include how gems are incorporated into a Rails app from outside of the project's folder, that would be awesome. Thanks for doing this!

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