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Posted in Row-level Multitenancy with ActsAsTenant Discussion

Of all the multi tenancy methods you have used, which one do you think is the best. I know it depends, but I need your opinion, which one would your mind start thinking of?

Posted in Doorkeeper Omniauth OAuth Client Discussion

[Fixed] I finally got it to work

  • I think in the version of doorkeeper I am using scopes are compulsory
  • So visit localhost:5000/oauth/applications/1/edit (or whatever the id of the application you have in your oauth server)
  • Add a user.readonly scope in the scope textbox (You can use whatever scope name makes sense to you).
  • Now go to the client application and open initializers/devise.rb
  • On the line you setup your custom auth, restore the scope argument that was removed by Chris Oliver in the video like so config.omniauth :doorkept, 'APP_ID', 'APP_SECRET', scope: 'user.readonly'
  • Restart your rails server and tada it's running nice and smooth 🎉

Posted in Doorkeeper Omniauth OAuth Client Discussion

I am having an issue when trying to authenticate with my new strategy. It is telling me that
Missing required parameter: scope.

I have followed the tutorial closely and you do not seem to get that error. Please assist me on how I can fix this error.

Thanks in advance.

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