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Posted in How to Add Pagination with Pagy Discussion

Pagy is awesome, do we have a tailwindcss plugin for stylling @chris

Posted in Devise on Heroku

Hello, I have been implementing device JWT with rails 6.0 API . I have used this callback to protect from fogery requests, On the applicationController

protect_from_forgery unless: -> { request.format.json? }

Its works well locally but when i diploy on heroku i get undefined method protect_from_fogery
and the app status changes from starting to crashed. When i remove it works fine but am not able to make JSON requests which it.

/app/app/controllers/application_controller.rb:3:in `<class:ApplicationController>': undefined method `protect_from_fogery' for ApplicationController:Class (NoMethodError)

Devise -4.7.1
Rails API - 6.0

Posted in JSON Web Tokens with Devise & Warden Discussion

Hey Chris am having issues with verify_authenticity_token When i deploy on heroku. But the same works locally.

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