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Hey there,

I am starting a new project and I want to get it off to a clean start with Rails 7 and Bootstrap 5 on Cloud9.

After viewing some videos and going through the process a few times, it seems like I got an install working with npm, yarn and --css=bootstrap, but when I try some simple Bootstrap formatting on a page it's not rendering.

I haven't gone in to try and troubleshoot, since I am trying to get it to work "out of the box" as I assume that this should be possible.

Does anyone know of a good guide, or tips that might help me with this?


Posted in Cloud9 Rails Console display makes it unusable

perfect, thanks!

Posted in Cloud9 Rails Console display makes it unusable


I am using Cloud9 for a Rails project and everything works fine except the Rails Console.

The display get messed up because of the autocomplete popup moves the active line around the screen and it ends up overlapping with other text on the screen. I tried other browsers and I am getting the same issue.

Any ideas on how to turn off the autocomplete or fix the display issues?


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