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It works great. Random question, but is there a way to sort the posts on the index page by most liked?

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I didn't have has_many: likes in my Lesson model! Thank you! I also had to add @course = Course.find(params[:course_id]) in my def create and def create part of my Lesson::LikesController for proper routing. It works beautifully. Thanks again for these.

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Thank you for responding! I got past the uninitialized constant error now I keep getting 'undefined method likes'. I am trying to set up this like button on a nested resource (a lesson inside of a course), would that change things? Thanks again

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Thank you for these screencasts! They are awesome. I keep getting an error "Routing Error uninitialized constant Posts" when I click the 'like' link. I feel like this is a fairly simple fix? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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