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Posted in How do I deploy my api rails 5.2 in AWS ec2?

Well.! I will dive into the process and will see what I can do for the deployment of api with raw AWS EC2 server. Will get back to you with the proper answer. Till then you can try the managed version of AWS EC2 server which is powered by Cloudways. They have removed the complexities of AWS server and will let yyou enjoy the smooth experience of hosting.

I am looking to setup the Go rail app to the managed DigitalOcean server which consist of:
Ram: 1GB
Processor: 1Core
Basic Storage: 25GB
Bandwidth: 1TB
and is powered by Cloudways which provides the management of the VPS taking all the pain of installing and managing the server. Other Cloudways features include:
24/7 Support

Managed Backups

1-Click Free SSL Installation

Dedicated Firewalls

Regular OS and Patch Management

Unlimited Application Installation

Dedicated Environment

Staging Area & URLs and many more..

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