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Posted in Problems with 'generate' command.

what do you want squirrool

if you wanna create controller for views/posts/index.html.erb file you can try "rails generate controller posts"
if you wanna create posts page with some data (user id, user name, user email etc.) you can try "rails generate scaffold posts" then you will create posts model , controller and routes
e.g "rails generate scaffold posts user_id:integer username:string email:string price:decimal update_at:datetime"

Posted in rails binary tree and referral

Hi, i have an application and that is working clear but i wanna add multi level marketing binary tree module to my application.

i created binarytree page and also created add_to_column to members as below

then i did migrated to database

also already generated for referral before migrate

how can i make to these on binarytree page
current_user = parent or if click to user of binary tree it will be parent then show tree of them
left_id and right_id need select for tree from added_by_id
referral_by_id button with checker

i wanna mean binary tree page need referral button for add referrer if user added referrer buton will visible automaticly because all user can add one referrer
also how can i make referral_link for example " with referral id"(referral_by_id = = 8 digits )
if can anybody help please?
kindly thank's

you need add 4.jpg files in /assets/images folder