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Posted in Go Rails' Stripe lesson and strong params

Thanks for such a detailed response, Chris!

Posted in Go Rails' Stripe lesson and strong params


I recently watched the Go Rails Stripe tutorial. In it, Chris creates subscriptions like this:

def create_subscription
  customer = # set customer...
  subscription = # create subscription...

  # Set initial subscription information
    card_last4:     params[:last4],
    card_exp_month: params[:exp_month],
    card_exp_year:  params[:exp_year],
    card_brand:     params[:card_brand],
    # ...

Is this a secure approach for Rails 5 since we're not using strong params? I'm initially thinking yes (since we're explicitly setting which params can be updated by user.update) but I wanted to double-check with all of you since I'm new to Rails.


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