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Posted in Has anyone used VueJS with Devise?

I am trying to convert an existing site which used .erb to an SPA (VueJS).

I have followed quite successfully. However, I am stuck when trying to make the sign_in & sign_up forms to be part of the . I have gone through all the GoRails Vuejs examples trying to find a way to use Devise gem & its current_user.

Will appreciate if anyone can point me to a direction to follow.

Posted in Using Vuex with Forms in Rails Discussion

This is a very good episode to show Vuex.

I noticed that all your VueJS episodes use only a single app.vue
It will be very useful if you can create an episode to show a good way to display different vue components when a user click a header menu item.
Board - display "Trello" clone (episode 217-224)
Team - display team form (episode 184-185)
Discussion - display discussion (episode 274)

@Chris, Thank you very much. The new source code works. You are great. @Balaguer, this course is great even slightly out-dated. I am sure Chris will give us access to his new course when he updates it.

I have bought this course a few days ago and is still struggling to get it to work.

This course video is good but seems to be quite outdated.
Does anyone have a working copy of the course (especially starting from "Charging The Customer Server-Side")?
Chris, If you have a rough copy of the work-in-progress source, please allow us to access them. The subcriptions_controller.rb (create) does not work.

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