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Sites is scoped to current_user, so you need to log in first.

Posted in Remove ActiveAdmin automatic link on show view

Anyone know how to remove the default link Active Admin creates in the show view for other resources? In the code below, if discipline is a resource the user can edit and has an ActiveAdmin page, there is a link to the discipline. I want to remove this link.

  show do
    attributes_table do
      row :id
      row :discipline
      row :name

get_blob_id = LASTVAL() was returning the id from the attachments table, NOT the blob_id. I had to change it to get_blob_id = "(SELECT max(id) from active_storage_blobs)". Any thoughts on this?

Instead of building the URL in the def key method, can't I use the same thing I used in checksum?
url = attachment.url
I'm attempting to modify this migration to transition from Shrine to Active Storage.