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I'm working on API in Rails 5.2.1.

The API scope is to scrpae flight information from this 2 tables of the cph.dk site:

I need help to resolve an odd problem I'm facing which is that one:
My scraper service is scrapping the wrong data which means that the data I'm taking is not corresponding with the flights info from the 2 tables. As an example we supposed in departures has a flight at 15:30 to Amsterdam but when I see what the scraper get is like a departure flight is at 20:01 to Berlin which even doesn't exist on departure table so I have issues to understand why is getting wrong data.

What I need is to get the exact same info as are displayed in those 2 tables and update the info I'm scraping every tot minutes to have always the most recent info.

At the moment I stuck with the wrong data and hope someone can take a look in my project and tell me what I'm doing wrong.

My repo:

Thank you for helping

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