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Posted in Can Anyone explain me these ruby codes?

Recently I am started learning ruby on rails. I am doing a project on ruby on rails. In my project there are some code in application.controller.rb . But I am not understanding the meaning of the code. Can anyone please explain me these codes?

def new_year_holidays?
    t = Time.now

    @notification = t >= Rails.application.config.new_year_holidays_start_at &&
                    t <= Rails.application.config.new_year_holidays_finish_at
    start_date = Rails.application.config.new_year_holidays_start_at 
    end_date   = Rails.application.config.new_year_holidays_finish_at
    @new_year_holidays_start_at = start_date.strftime("%Y年%m月%d日(#{%w(日 月 火 水 木 金 土)[start_date.wday]})")
    @new_year_holidays_finish_at = end_date.strftime("%Y年%m月%d日(#{%w(日 月 火 水 木 金 土)[end_date.wday]})")

I installed ruby 2.5.1 and rail 5.2.1 on CentOS7 . I have an existing rail project which is 3.2.13. Now the existing rail project does not run in my local environment.
I create a new project on rail and it runs

[root@localhost html]# cd ruby_rails/
[root@localhost ruby_rails]# bin/rails server
=> Booting Puma
=> Rails 5.2.1 application starting in development 
=> Run `rails server -h` for more startup options
Puma starting in single mode...
* Version 3.12.0 (ruby 2.5.1-p57), codename: Llamas in Pajamas
* Min threads: 5, max threads: 5
* Environment: development
* Listening on tcp://
Use Ctrl-C to stop
Started GET "/" for at 2018-10-06 21:43:25 +0900
Processing by Rails::WelcomeController#index as HTML
  Rendering /root/.rbenv/versions/2.5.1/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0/gems/railties-5.2.1/lib/rails/templates/rails/welcome/index.html.erb
  Rendered /root/.rbenv/versions/2.5.1/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0/gems/railties-5.2.1/lib/rails/templates/rails/welcome/index.html.erb (11.4ms)
Completed 200 OK in 188ms (Views: 131.5ms | ActiveRecord: 0.0ms)

But I have an existing project on rails 3.2.13 that does not run on my local environment

[root@localhost html]# cd rehome_navi-master/
[root@localhost rehome_navi-master]# bin/rails server
rbenv: ruby: command not found

The `ruby' command exists in these Ruby versions:

I really need to run this project. please help me.

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