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Most of the time I leave my DB management tool, like DBeaver, open on my computer. Sometimes after a long period of time I get an error because the connection has been dropped or reset. Specifically, I get IO Error: Connection reset by peer: socket write error. So I try to disconnect and reconnect, but when I try to disconnect, DBeaver throws me an error:Error disconnecting from datasource "XYZ"
Not connected to databaseSo I'm in a situation where I need to disconnect within DBeaver, but I cannot because I'm not really connected in the first place. It's not a huge deal, since I just need to close DBeaver completely and restart, but it's a bit of an inconvenience. Be nice if DBeaver handled this scenario a little more gracefully. The other solution would be for me to be a little better disciplined and close out my connections when I'm done for the day...but I don't see that happening

Please help.

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