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Posted in MySQL 8 and Rails 7 JSON fields

Rails 7 and MySQL 8 support JSON fields. Migrations support them.

I have been using a combination of raw MySQL and other techniques to extract data. What's the proper ActiveRecord way of searching for fields in a JSON column (and updating as well)?

Are there any lessons that cover this?

Posted in Deploying To Production on Heroku with Puma Discussion

Thanks. You're using Passenger. Do you see any advantages to Passenger over Puma?

Posted in Deploying To Production on Heroku with Puma Discussion

Is there a guide to deploying with Puma to a Linux server (ubuntu) running Nginx?

Any idea where I can find an installation/configuration guide for Rails 7 on my MacOS Monterey? I have seen some tutorials on GoRails for specific Rails 7 issues, but no tutorial on how to install and configure it.

Posted in Puma vs Passenger

How is this related to my question? Go spam somewhere else.

Posted in Puma vs Passenger

I am working on a Rails 6.1 application, and would like to understand the deployment options. By default, the application was generated with the Puma gem. Do I need to make any changes for production deployment on an Ubuntu 20.04 server (on AWS) with Apache2? I don't have a choice in this configuration (Ubuntu 2.04 and Apache).

Do I need Passenger, or is Puma OK?

Side note: what's a typical VirtualHost configuration file for a Rails 6.1 application?