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Posted in Stimulus JS Twitter UI: Part 2 Discussion

Hi, I just subscribed to learn a bit more about Stimulus and specifically how to integrate it with ActionCable which you mentioned at the start of this two part episode. Are you planning a part 3 to cover this or did I misunderstand? I don't mean this as a criticism as the episodes are great as they are but this was one area in particular I was interested in.

I have an application which already uses ActionCable to allow me to push content to the UI when models change on the server but if I am going to use Stimulus I need a way to achieve the same thing. I have managed to get this to work by subscribing to any relevant ActionCable channels in the 'connect' method but wondered if this was the best approach. Any advice would be gratefully received. 

I really like what I've seen on your screencasts so far and look forward to working my way through the other episodes. Great work! Many thanks, Craig.
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