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When I do listen to music while coding I like to listen to music without lyrics.

Stuff like or or or

I use it to drown out background noise for the most part. I hope these or give you an option

I'm running WSL and I ran into this issue with sidekiq
WARN: Unresolved or ambiguous specs during Gem::Specification.reset:
zeitwerk (~> 2.3)
Available/installed versions of this gem:
- 2.5.3
- 2.5.1
minitest (>= 5.1)
Available/installed versions of this gem:
- 5.14.4
- 5.14.2
loofah (~> 2.3)
Available/installed versions of this gem:
- 2.13.0
- 2.12.0
racc (~> 1.4)
Available/installed versions of this gem:
- 1.6.0
- 1.5.1
rake (>= 0.13)
Available/installed versions of this gem:
- 13.0.6
- 13.0.3
WARN: Clearing out unresolved specs. Try 'gem cleanup '
Please report a bug if this causes problems.
/home/lincxx/.rbenv/versions/3.0.2/lib/ruby/gems/3.0.0/gems/bundler-2.3.4/lib/bundler/runtime.rb:309:in check_for_activated_spec!': You have already activated activesupport, but your Gemfile requires activesupport Prependingbundle exec` to your command may solve this. (Gem::LoadError)

To get past this error, just run bundle exec sidekiq

Posted in Rails for Beginners Part 33: Twitter API Discussion

I tried your suggestion and still get the same error

Posted in Rails for Beginners Part 24

The button is addressed in part 27, but still have the issue with the http://localhost:3000/auth/twitter no routes matched

Posted in Rails for Beginners Part 24

A great tutorial. I'm a little stumped and looking for a little guidance. I followed along with the tutorial and added on <%= button_to "Connect Twitter", "/auth/twitter", method: :post, class:"btn btn-primary"%> and I can get connected to Twitter. Right around the 5:00 mark, I see the button is no longer present and you typed in http://localhost:3000/auth/twitter. Was there some logic added to remove said button? Also every time I type in that URL it just takes me to the no routes matched

Well, it seems I need to log in first.

How did you manage to resolve this issue?

Posted in Setup Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark Discussion

Very simple to follow. I'm new to Linux in general, so I didn't fully understand it all, but I did get me up and running. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

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