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Posted in webpacker

I installed webpacker but when i start the server i get this Webpacker::Manifest::MissingEntryError in Main#index, how do i get this out of the way it has gotten frustrating.

Posted in How to test ActionMailer in Rails Discussion

Webpacker::Manifest::MissingEntryError in Pages#home i get this error when i run integration tests, can any one help?

Posted in Faraday::SSLError

Could someone please help

Posted in Liking Posts Discussion

thanks to all that are participating in this forum, one thing though is how do i make the posts likeable every 24 hours. as in liking the post becomes valid after that time of 24 hrs?

Posted in Faraday::SSLError

i am running ubuntu on windows

Posted in Faraday::SSLError

ran into this error while using facebook to login on a project does anyone know how to fix this

Posted in GoRails: Question And Answer #1 Discussion

Been wondering where to use STI for admin or administrate gem or any other gem

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