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Posted in Advice on SMTP services

Hey guys just messing in rails and looking into SMTP email services, now wondering if it's okay to use the GMAIL SMTP service to send email  for things like signing up, reset password, confirm account. Or Should i just  something like sendgrip or mandrill. from what i can see Gmail seems to allow about 500emails per day. but is it generally a good idea to use  Gmail as your SMTP? any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in Advance!

Posted in Profile image gallery provided by database

I'm currently working on profile images for registered users.

I have implemented a basic image profile with the paperclip gem. but i am looking for more and not sure if paperclip can do it or not.

I've been trying to do so that my users can choose to select an image from a list of images, provided by the website/database.

This website: https://satwcomic.com/ has exactly what I'm looking for.

I've been trying to find a solution for this for the past month, but without luck. any hints on how i could successfully achieve such feature with or without paperclip? I'm hoping to get pushed in the right direction.

i am fairly new in rails so any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hey Jacob, Thank you so much, can't believe this was going over my head. hahah much appreciated man

I have a boolean column in my table and a datetime related to it. I want to be able to track down when the boolean initially turns true. In the model I have tried

def example
if boolean_field == true
datetime_field = time.now
but the problem with that is when the boolean is set to true, the datetime_field will keep updating everytime i reload the page or database since the boolean will always be in a constant state of true. I have also try to use rails dirty on it with:

but that method doesn't seems to update the datetime column at all. P.S i do have a before_save callback on the method.

any help on how i can save the initial time once the boolean_field changes from false to true will be much appreciated. thanks in advance

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