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Brilliant streamlining technique by adding vue into the data-behavior! #gamechanger

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Thanks for your help Filip. Attempted to reinstall/update Rails and still am not able to send anything through AJAX. It doesn't even make any attempt in the terminal logs. Very strange. 

Your first method did the trick though!  Really appreciate your input!

Posted in Rails & Vue.js Trello Clone - Part 2 Discussion

Additionally, looking at the Rails logs, there isn't even an attempt being made by rails to update the database which suggests to me that there is something wrong with the ujs call not being sent at all.

Posted in Rails & Vue.js Trello Clone - Part 2 Discussion

Hey Chris, I know that this has come up in this thread a few times but I can't seem to get Rails.ajax to submit anything. I have checked the source code (as well as the models, controllers, etc) several times and feel that it may have something to do with the method not integrating with webpack for some reason. My code is exactly like what is shown in the video. Is it possible that Webpack is not translating the ujs call?

*As a side note, I have required rails-ujs in the application.js file as well and still can't seem to get it to submit any data. 
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