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Posted in How do I introduce a cookie consent banner in Rails 6?

What is the current go-to way to show a cookie-consent banner (as required in the EU) with Rails 6 and Webpacker?

Hi Chris, thanks for the interesting tutorial. I had not heard about tailwind before. Even though I like the end result I ask myself if a sass mixin library that offers the same micro classes wouldn’t also do the trick while staying close to the rails intended way of writing css. What do you think? Could one implement something like tailwind-sass and get the same benefits (plus smaller file size by default)?

Posted in Stimulus JS Framework Introduction Discussion

Thanks for the interesting video. For a project of mine I used AngularJS (the original 1.x branch) in a similar way basecamp now proposes to use StimulusJS. What I liked about AngularJS in this context was the ability to offer form validation and to go as deep as I want it to go on demand. Right now what I would love to see in further stimulus releases would be something to handle form validation out of the box and some other convenience things every app needs.

Posted in Coffeescript 2 Rails Asset Pipeline

I took over the integration part for coffeescript 2 in rails and my pull request just got merged :)